Lisa Thompson Aesthetics provides some of the most popular treatments on the market. Browse through each of our treatments to see what might suit your needs. 


Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that will enhance the shape and size of your lips.

Depending on the amount of filler used, you can gently enhance your natural shape or you can create a desired shape and add volume for a fuller, plumper pout.

Lip Filler is a Hyaluronic Acid gel that is found naturally occurring in the body and hen injected, it will attract moisture and plump out beautifully. Over time the body will naturally break it down.


Dermal filler can be used to treat volume loss,  lines and folds on the face. Dues to age,weight loss or genetics , the face can show predominant hollows,flat cheek pads, deep smile lines, droopy/downturned mouth corners or sagging Jawline.

Whether it's to restore a youthful appearance or you want to create cheekbones you always dreamed of , Dermal filler will do just that.

Dermal Fillers are the same make up of Lip Fillers…. A Hyaluronic Acid gel, only thicker and with the ability to give more volume to areas that need it most. 


If you have previously had filler and are not happy with the result, we can look to correct it.

Lip corrections can be carried out with filler, depending on your shape and how much filler you have .


A consultation will be put in place first to address your concerns and decide when correcting with filler will be best or dissolution of the filler.


Fibroblast Treatment is a controlled trauma treatment to the skin that cause the skin to contract and tighten.


The skin immediately starts to repair itself in the area treated, cause the new cells to baby grow resulting in smoother, tighter new skin.

The treatment is non surgical, permanently and completely natural.