The Low Down On 

Correcting Fillers

If you have previously had filler and are not happy with the result, we can look to correct it.

Lip corrections can be carried out with filler, this is depending on your shape and how much filler you had, if you have lumps /bumps or just irregular uneven lips filler . A consultation will be put in place first to address your concerns and decide whether correcting with filler will be best or dissolution of the filler will be necessary .If dissolving is needed, I will refer you to an aesthetic doctor who will carry out this treatment and then we can start again to creating the perfect lip for you.

If you are unhappy with your lip shape, then address it and start to make the change. The whole objective of having lip filler in the first place is for you get lips that you love... not the opposite ! .... and so you should always love your lip filler .... thats why you get it ! #loveyourlips

Hyaluronic Acid is a temporary filler and the body naturally breaks it down,, however over over time, it can build up gradually as you yop up , which is a great thing for long lasting filler , however, on regular top ups ,lumps, bumps  or coagulated filler that are not addressed in your treatment  and worked on  can stay put. If your lips have been overfilled  or you are simply not happy with the shape, this can be dissolved.

Its best to wait at least 2 weeks before starting again with new Lip Filler after being dissolved. Most lips that have been filled poorly or mistreated can be corrected without the need for dissolving.


Topical Anesthetic is applied prior to the treatment , the correcting and reshaping can take a little longer that regular filling. Results can start to show immediately.